Dormant our site lay for four months. During this period we have sought other avenues to continue helping Libya. Now the time has come for to resurface and resume the journey it began more than a year ago. We thank all our visitors for their consistent support.

Relaunching soon in Arabic and English

So, who are we exactly?

A large organization? No. A privately funded group? Umm..nope! Professional journalists with years of experience in the business? Wrong again...

Questions like these and many more we got during the thicket of the revolution, but we never got the chance to answer them for many reasons. Firstly, because the vast majority of my family members were in Libya split between Tripoli and the small town of Msellata. Secondly, because the workload was super crazy!

How many were there of us? And how did we pull this off?

As a matter of fact, we were only a team of 2 people! That’s right, only two of us. Myself and my wife Sanne. My name is Haret Alfasi and I am a 24 year old Libyan raised in the UK. Tinkering with websites since the age of 12 led me down the path of web development which is what I do for a living…but that’s all changed now.

As the picture above shows. At its peak, was two laptops and a 19” Samsung monitor xD

We really don’t know what more to add other than that this was a spontaneous unplanned effort from two people who wanted to do whatever they could to help a cause they so strongly believed in. It’s been one heck of a ride from the sleepless nights to meeting new people and making friends, translating and giving interviews online and on the phone.I eventually travelled to Libya at the beginning of August and worked as a translator on the front lines for AFP and the Associated Press. I had the honour of being part of the convoy of revolutionaries that drove into Tripoli on the 21st of August. Throughout my many absences, my dear wife has had the constance, patience and perseverence to keep the site running.

It seemed like everything else other than Libya floated into the background. Suddenly things was in perspective and for the first time in our lives we felt we were doing something so worthwhile.

And now is relaunching to continue the voyage it began a year ago. Despite the gap over the past four months, we have not ceased in helping the Libyan revolution through other means and avenues, but now we want for this website to take the lead in what is probably the most demanding and challenging stage of Libya’s revolution yet.